Services Summary

Our Expert Services

1. Neutral Expert Witness Reports for Courts and Tribunal
Our Expert witness services are neutral and fairly produced by highly capable Engineers with years of practical experience and knowledge. Our Expert witness reports are conducted by a well-equipped team of engineers who offer an astute expert opinion on a variety of construction disputes and projects. Our expert witness reports are neutral, independent, factual, and evidence-based.

2. Alternative Dispute Resolution (Adjudication, Mediation, and Arbitration including Emergency Arbitration)
Arbitration has proven its value through its ability to cut the consequences of time and cost on disputes, which produces effective dispute resolution results. With over 33 years of experience and over 800 cases in UAE courts, which brings tremendous value and expertise to dispute resolution cases. APD has also taken part in other dispute resolution mechanisms such as adjudication, mediation.

3. Fair and Reasonable Claim Avoidance and preparation.
CQE's claim preparation services come from a team of well trained and experienced engineers that deliver a performance based on meticulous attention to detail. We prepare and analyze claims for construction disputes and projects, and we assist our clients by identifying, quantifying, and analyzing any construction claims that may arise during a project.

4. Loss Adjustment Services for Insurance Claims.
CQE provides loss adjustment services, with our main focus being on the resolution of losses arising from major insured incidents and claims. Clients who are often subject to construction and engineering losses need adjustors with diversified expertise to which we are more than capable of providing. Our company includes experts in the different areas of construction, engineering, law, and arbitration to assist our clients through the quick and amicable settlement of claims and disputes.

5. Project Audits and Analysis for Developers.
In CQE, we utilize our knowledge and experience to conduct quality project control during and throughout any given project through daily operational management, the preparation, and implementation of project plans and the delivery of strategic progress reports. Our analysis includes project cost, program analysis, and quality assurance.

6. Other Specialists.
I. Construction Infra & Building Quality Time & Costs
II. Real Estates Disputes, Evaluation & Insurance Loss valuer
III. Maritime, Environment- Shore& Water sources Engineering
IV. Mechanical, Sanitary, heat& cooling, plant& machinery
V. Information Technologies & Artificial Intelligence
VI. Intellectual Properties & International Laws
VII. Accounting, Banking, VAT& Liquidation of Assets- Estates
VIII. Human Resources, Training & Management systems
IX. Energy, Oil, Gas, Mining & Renewable Energy
X. Electrical Engineering High& Low Voltage systems