CQE deliverables include state of the art innovative QEHS, Expert practices which are communicated with our business partners & stakeholders. To achieve this successful consultancy services, we shall:
  • Innovate & Adopt Best Practices safeguard documents & archive backups to build continual information protection realizing customer's vision in maximizing returns.
  • Coordinate, Communicate & conduct state of the art Marketing and Registrations of our Experts with Regional & International Courts.
  • Lead & Collaborate with our team of Experts customers /suppliers' chain best ABM practices.
  • Adhere & support controls of relevant legal regulations at state of the art conditions.
  • Continue to develop our skills & knowledge towards integrated QEHS & ABM targeting value-added services among Alternate Dispute Resolution Institutions to maximize Experts Exposures &, ultimately, their expertise.
  • Commit to sustaining excellence upon delivery, aiming for long-term business relations. Lead to promote QEHS & ABM systems during Consultancy &disputes resolution phases.
  • Lead to promote QEHS & ABM systems during Consultancy &disputes resolution phases.

At CQE, we are proud of our achievements, which stand as a landmark pillar in the dynamic changing world; we think efficiency & Breathe Expertise, Integrity professionalism.

Our Management is committed to reviewing this policy and its objectives periodically, to ensure its continuing suitability to all Expertise & Legal forums. It's also engaged in complying with customer and regulatory requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of this policy.

CQE Chairman/CEO Eng. M. Jamal Chaykhouni


Performance & quality are the leading strength of our talented teams. Our deliverables include state of the art environmental health & safety practices which are communicated at all organizational levels and among our business partners to achieve their goal projects success with timely delivery to ensure repetitive & successful consultancy services.