What we do?

We at AlMarsat Project Development are dedicated to delivering work of excellence, quality, and professionalism. APD offers a range of services in construction project management and audit from start until dispute avoidance and resolution though Adjudication and Expert survey, without excluding a complete Alternate Dispute Resolution at Mediation, Arbitration and Expert Witness including Emergency Arbitration and Online ADR post Dispute 

Our project management and construction services include project management, auditing, real estate development, and loss adjustment services. This area of our work is executed by a high caliber Experts, highly trained Engineers, and skilled staff.  We have worked on a variety of different projects in the UAE and around the world which indicates APD’s high value and state of art Standards.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution services are always carried out with the intention of mitigating time and cost in addition to delivering, fast, accurate and neutral experts opinion assessment, which may assist all Tribunals to reach factual decisions with reasoning the fair resolution beyond all doubts.

With over decades of Expertise in practice, APD offers ADR services starting from Mediation, Adjudication, and Arbitration and Including Emergency Arbitration and online ADR. Our esteemed services include claim preparations and expert witness services. Starting from North America to Dubai, APD’s founder has been able to secure solid relationships with arbitral institutions and international ADR conferences around the globe for the past decade.

Our Vision/Mission

Almarsat Projects Development is a company established in Dubai, UAE in the year 2013 in one of the world’s most fertile business environments. The name of Almarsat itself was chosen to symbolize the vision of the business. The origin of Almarsat comes from the Arabic word that means anchor which sets the basis of our role in the business world. Our work aims to be the anchor to our clients’ projects, one that is strong, reliable, and provides stability in the midst of chaos (or the storm).

Almarsat Projects Developments is based on a trajectory of continuous improvement and evolvement of our business environment and to our stakeholders and partners. We always aim that our services and work will offer completed and satisfactory solutions to our clients. APD aims to deliver results and work that will give our business a competitive advantage in the market.

A strong foundation of our company’s basics is the significance we give to mitigating the time and costs of the projects that we are involved in. We are committed to serving as a strong base for the construction industries, developers, contractors, and construction law firms.